The Wise Woman's Journey
How to grow older as a powerful woman embracing new opportunities, experiencing deep fulfilment and feeling valued
The Wise Woman's Journey is a 22 speaker video interview series, created to be an experiential journey through Wise Woman territory.

Aired from 1-22 March 2021, the subtitle for the series is: How to grow older as a powerful woman embracing new opportunities, experiencing deep fulfilment and feeling valued.

The series is now available for purchase at $47 (USD). Scroll down for sample videos.

Frequently women enter their wise woman years thinking ‘this is my time!’ But often, we lack the role models or the supportive community to bring our dreams to fruition.

My goal is to create a visionary movement of wise women who are supporting each other and changing the cultural narrative on ageing, beauty and contribution for women.


"Following this journey is such an enjoyable experience - I'm fascinated by the wonderful array of women here. They are inspirational in so many ways. Thank you for creating this, and your skillfull orchestration of the process." Clare

"I want to let you know that your series of interviews is wonderful and inspiring. You are indeed a wise woman and I thank you so much. You interview in a really open and objective way and have a radiance of wisdom and generosity of heart that brings out the wisdom of your interviewers. Heartfelt thanks, special in these pandemic times." Tammy

"I am enriched beyond words by the inspiration I'm getting from these amazing and erudite women." Liz

"I’m turning 50 this May and I’ve been resisting the idea of being anywhere near being a crone. Great to take my rightful place on my throne as queen! Thank you so much - this is a lovely series of chats you’ve put together." Amanda

"Thank you so much for hosting The Wise Woman's Journey. I have enjoyed the talks so far. I am left with a huge smile on my face." Yvonne

"Its amazing and inspiring the work you do for us all women. Thank you." Alexandra

"I have been so awoken, encouraged, inspired by these videos. The timing is Divine. I am so deeply grateful for your wisdom, grace and generosity. "Christine

"From the bottom of my 78 year old heart I thank you for creating and making the WWJ available. What a journey this has been for me. I just purchased the series and hope to share it with my daughters, sister and many dear friends." Donna

"Such a great interview today!! They’ve all been amazing, and getting better and richer 

as we approach the grand finale. This summit has far exceeded my expectations. You did such an excellent job and chose amazing women to interview!" Linda


"I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed each & every speaker!  This has been an enjoyable & interesting journey. I would to go back & hear them all. Again! Thank you so much Catherine!" Stella


The Wise Woman Speakers and Their Topics

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Cayelin Castell – The Story of Inanna and the Astrological Venus Cycle as Maps for Your Journey

Tricia Cusden Looking Fabulous Forever with Good Make-up and a Pro Age Mindset

Susan Saunders – The Age-Well Plan: Habits to Adopt Now for Healthy Ageing

Lisa Copeland – The Winning Dating Formula for Women Over 50

Jennifer Butler – Authentic Beauty: Discover Your Style DNA and Unique Color Vibration

Dawn Todd – The Power of Feminine Intention: Three Ways Intention Circles Could Change Our World Right Now

Jutta Kellenberger – Energy Practices for Hormonal Health and Graceful Ageing

Georgena Eggleston – How to Listen to Grief as a Call for Care

Dilys Sillah – Love, Loss, Strength and Survival: How to Slam Dunk Life’s Curveballs

Elaine Callahan – The Path to Discover Your Unique Soul Brand

Jude Downes – Becoming a Modern Crone

Donna Henes – The Queen and the Empress: Archetypes for the Second Half of Life

Sharon Eden – On Being Wild and Other Curious Things

Christy Strauch – Starting a New Creative Business or Re-generating Your Creativity Over 50

Kamala Murphey – The Yearning for Something More: Doorways to Spiritual Growth and a Luscious Life

Siddiqi Ray – Visibility: The Wound Killing Women’s Dreams

Virginia Bell – The Astrology of Midlife and Beyond

Sandy Stamato – Flourishing as a Limb Dweller Business Owner in the Second Half of Life

Rita Hraiz – Ageless Wisdom: Raising Planetary Consciousness and the Role of Wise Women

Hilly Spenceley – Transformation Through the Medium of Tantra and Sexuality

Sherry Brier – Rock Your Life: The World is Waiting for Your Beauty

Francesca Cassini – Re-writing the Myth of the Older Woman