It's Your Time!


It's your time, which means that it’s time for some re-alignment in your life as you clarify your direction, release the pain of the past and become a unique embodiment of Feminine power and wisdom. 

Your situation probably doesn't allow for an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’  type of sabbatical. (Mine certainly didn’t.) And that may be neither wanted nor needed.


The Wise Woman's Journey is your alternative. 


This sacred journey includes my guidance and attention, some great tools and, most importantly, the time you need to clarify your deep desires and create new foundations that reflect what is most meaningful and significant to you now.

The Wise Woman's Journey

After years of responsibility, this is your time of freedom! Your time to be lovingly expressed and a beacon of light for your family or community. You may feel a deep impulse as you move further on your life path to teach others and cultivate your passions.

If you tell yourself that you are 'too old' or 'it's too late' to either try something new, be who you’ve always wanted to be or re-visit desires that lay dormant, I am here to take a stand for you.

The Wise Woman's Journey offers sustained support as you clarify your next steps. 


It's your time to shed old skins, heal old wounds and integrate life lessons so that you can step more fully, more visibly, more freely, more deeply, more lightly into the future you want to claim for yourself!

Working with me is highly individual and totally tailored to your unique circumstances and objectives.

Some women come to me with relational wounds that they know they must heal in order to move forwards in life and love. Others want to clarify direction and feel into their next calling. The number of outcomes that you want will dictate the length of time we work together. 


What is it like to work with me?

I'd like to introduce you to my client Christy. At the time we began working together, her direction was clear with regard to her work. Christy had (and still has) a successful business, as a money coach for artists. However, she knew she needed some healing with regard to her relationship history, in order to step forward as an empowered and Feminine Wise Woman/Crone. 


You see, Christy had been protecting her wounded places by leading with her Masculine qualities. That worked for her career success. But, it had not been a winning strategy in her relationships.


When we met, she'd been single for some years and had decided she would like to share her life again, without falling into the same old patterns. And she suspected that taking this step would have a knock on positive impact for her coaching work.

It turned out that the key to Christy's freedom was a deeper healing of the childhood wounds that had caused her to reject her Feminine essence.

Listen to Christy's experience of working with me.

The real prize of this work is the opening of the heart and access to the deeper love that is not dependent on being in love with another. This is where Christy found true freedom, choice and forgiveness. 

Other clients have taken different journeys.


Robin was a senior manager in a non profit organization. She was shocked when her boss, with whom she’d had a close working relationship for 18 years, advised that she would be leaving. Approaching her 60th birthday, Robin was not looking for more responsibility and she suspected her boss' replacement might want to choose a new team. Coaching supported her through an uncertain phase as she explored her options, her untapped creative potential and spiritual needs. Over a transitional period Robin found clarity and created a plan for her new life, which involved a house move and shift into consulting work.

Jelena had been through an acrimonious divorce. A qualified doctor, she had stopped working to raise her children. Now that they were grown up, she had retrained as a coach. She had also entered into a new relationship, which had begun as a compelling 'soulmate' love. However, she was now embroiled in problematic dynamics that were draining her energy and her bank account. It was necessary for her to heal her relationship patterns, while clarifying her direction so that she could step forward confidently with her coaching work.


Join me as your guide on a journey of healing your heart and clarifying your next calling. 

Step into the next phase of your life as the wise woman you are.

Restore your magic!

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