Your VIP Day

Create a powerful shift in orientation.
Fine tune your understanding of your unique gifts and life's purpose.

Open up a new field of possibility and potential.

Create a powerful (and healing) shift and align more deeply with your calling and your essence.



Your private VIP Day is a powerful intensive, currently delivered via Zoom. It will have a bespoke design, arising out of objectives identified during initial consultation. 

This is for you if you want a powerful shift but, at this stage, are not ready to commit to a longer private coaching journey.

Some options for your VIP day:

1 - Spiritual wisdom/energy focus to include Radical Awakening process, meditation, qigong

2 - Healing focus to include Radical Releasing, relationship resolution, transformation of wounds to gifts

3 - Unique gifts focus to include astrology reading, Life PhD process and Radical Awakening/Releasing

4 - Timeless Beauty focus to include essence diagnosis, colour palette, clothing recommendations and written report

Please book a complimentary conversation to discuss options and experience what it might be like to work with me.





My promise to my clients: My aim is to create divine, earthy, nurturing, perceptive (and sometimes provocative) sessions and content that you will find inspiring, revelational, refreshing and renewing. Content is always tailored to your specific objectives and needs. Processes used are powerfully transformational. (They've worked for me and can for you too.)