One Month Private Intensives

The short intensive contains some of  the most powerful processes I have to offer. Depending upon your interests, you have two options, Discover Your Eternal Self or Express Your Timeless Essence.

Discover Your Eternal Self 

This one month intensive is designed to create a powerful shift in orientation towards your life, as we open up a new field of possibility and potential. Your sessions will be delivered online via Zoom and you will receive recordings.


- Initial conversation plus three 2 hour intensives via Zoom

- Messaging and email support throughout the month.

- My Feminine Success Formula E-course 

- Radical Awakening process - a direct experience of your eternal Self. Truly powerful and life changing.

- Radical Releasing session

- Life PhD Session - which clarifies the gifts you've received as a result of life experiences that wounded you and brings to light the obstacles that may be preventing you from moving forwards (we then use that information to create a powerful shift in the Radical Releasing session.)

- Full report on information from the Life PhD session that you will continue to use on your journey.

This intensive gives a new and thorough foundation for ongoing transformation. Finding a firm anchor in the eternal Self, makes it easier to release pain from the past.

Your first step to freedom

Express Your Timeless Essence

This one month intensive includes:

- A half day, in person Colour Psychology consultation that provides you with an individual colour palette that reflects your soul essence as colour vibration. You will also receive a Sacred Geometry analysis.

- Follow up report that summarises your consultation and gives personal guidance on how to use your palette  for authentic visibility and alignment with your next calling.

- Selected for you - clothing styles and jewellery that complement your essence.

- Follow up consultation via Zoom (with recording) to discuss your report and selections.

- Messaging and email support for one month as you put your recommendations into action.

- My Feminine Success Formula E-Course.

My geographical location is south west Surrey UK, easily accessible by road or by train from London Waterloo.

" When you discover your color relationship to the universe, and begin to use the energies that flow from it, you set in motion authentic personal transformation. Within you is embryonic magnificence. You may learn to release it through the use of color as your medium, as the caterpillar emerges in its total beauty from its chrysalis".

Suzanne Caygill

My aim is to create divine, earthy, nurturing, perceptive (and sometimes provocative) sessions and content that you will find inspiring, revelational, refreshing and renewing. Content is always tailored to your specific objectives and needs. Processes used are powerfully transformational. (They've worked for me and can for you too.)

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