Express Your Essence

"Thank you, Cathy. I feel seen. Understanding my essence as colour vibration helps me to express myself more fully and authentically.

I can't wait to experiment! This work is going to be so helpful in my business and in my relationships."

~ Samantha


" When you discover your color relationship to the universe, and begin to use the energies that flow from it, you set in motion authentic personal transformation. Within you is embryonic magnificence. You may learn to release it through the use of color as your medium, as the caterpillar emerges in its total beauty from its chrysalis".

Suzanne Caygill

Discover the unique colour codes that are the key to expressing your essence in a way that conveys your message to others more clearly. Essence is timeless. Essence does not age. Yes, your clothing styles may need to change as you get older (and we can discuss what works best for you now). But, your essence? No. That does not fade with age. If anything, it is revealed more clearly as you get older. 

To be seen and heard for who you are, and the gifts you bring to the world, at the deepest level, you need to ensure that your clothing does not give mixed messages. You could be giving mixed messages if your choices are guided by fashion colours and styles, which tends to happen when you aren't sure of YOUR best colours and styles.

This intensive includes:

  • A one hour virtual consultation to learn about you, your instinctive colour and style choices and your objectives for this work. 


  • Half day, in person, analysis of your unique colour vibration and creation of a colour palette of more than 100 shades, chosen from an extensive library of 3,500 shades. This is most accurate when done in person.

I use a method of colour analysis that is quite different from the usual seasonal/tonal methods. Based on the work of Suzanne Caygill, who wrote one of the earliest books in the field, 'Colour, the Essence of You', this is a highly individual assessment that takes into account the psychological and energetic factors that make you a unique expression of Beauty.


If you are like me and don't seem to fit clearly into any season or, have previously been diagnosed differently by more than one colourist, this method may hold your answers. (It did for me. This is life changing stuff! )

  • Follow up report on your colour psychology and  personal guidance on how to use your unique palette for authentic visibility - in your clothing choices, your business branding and even your home.

  • Follow up consultation to discuss the report, your questions and your closet.


  • Email and messaging support for one month as you put your recommendations into action.


For further information, please book your complimentary conversation.





Promise to my clients: My aim is to create divine, earthy, nurturing, perceptive (and sometimes provocative) sessions and content that you will find inspiring, revelational, refreshing and renewing. Content is always tailored to your specific objectives and needs. Processes used are powerfully transformational. (They've worked for me and can for you too.)

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