Breakthrough Intensive

Create a powerful shift in orientation.


Fine tune your understanding of your unique gifts and life's purpose.

Open up a new field of possibility and potential.

Clarify the gifts you've received as a result of your life experiences and bring to light obstacles that continue to hold you back. Create a powerful (and healing) shift and align more deeply with your calling and your essence.


Your private Breakthrough Intensive (delivered via Zoom) includes:

  • Four powerful consultations via Zoom. 1) Guided Radical Awakening process 2) A Life Phd analysis. 3) A Radical Releasing healing session 4) Additional session that accords with your objectives

  • A detailed written report on the particulars of your Life PhD analysis

Optional: Colour palette and colour psychology report


Outcomes: You will align more deeply with your life's purpose and enhance (or discover) your ability to source your actions from your expansive, eternal self, rather than your time limited, wounded parts. This intensive provides a thorough foundation for ongoing transformation. And, if invited to do so, I will offer options for ongoing work with me.

My promise to my clients: My aim is to create divine, earthy, nurturing, perceptive (and sometimes provocative) sessions and content that you will find inspiring, revelational, refreshing and renewing. Content is always tailored to your specific objectives and needs. Processes used are powerfully transformational. (They've worked for me and can for you too.)

How do I do it? I'm a certified Tribal Marketing Coach, a certified Awakening Coach and a certified Beautiful Self Consultant. I combine ingredients from these approaches and add my own special sauce to support your transformational result!

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I was the person who worried that I didn't have a life purpose. There were times that I felt talentless, despite many skills and qualifications, including an academic PhD.

The Life PhD process helped me to see that my search for purpose had led to an impressive collection of skills, which I wasn't using fully. As a result, I changed my coaching niche. (Beforehand, I was about to give up on coaching altogether.)


In hindsight, I appreciate that everything that has has happened in life was not 'to me', as I previously thought but, 'for me'.


I'm so much happier in my work now and feel connected to a sense of purpose and belonging.

~ Lisa