Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor


Gain freedom from old patterns. Restore your magic. Claim your power. 

Welcome! My name is Catherine. 

My services can help you to find greater levels of fulfilment and freedom. The starting point is connecting with your unique essence, the gifts of your life journey and your deepest longings.

Most, but not all, of my clients are women in midlife who are addressing their past relationship wounds, while on a journey of Feminine discovery. You can learn more about this on the Relational Freedom page.

Given my long term interests in life purpose and the spiritual opportunities inherent in the ageing process, I also love working with clients in their 50's and 60's who are reconsidering cultural messages about ageing and retirement. If this is you, please book a conversation with me to learn more about my Act of Power programme.


Work Privately with Me

Private coaching and mentoring is designed according to your needs.

Your first step to working privately with me is to book a free of charge conversation so that we can clarify your needs and objectives and work out whether I am the right coach and mentor to serve you. 

I'll be listening deeply to your story to understand your desires, your longings and your wounds.

I'll want to understand where you sit on your life's journey, where you seem to be stuck and what needs to be released, healed or revealed to move you into new territory where the old patterns no longer have such power over you.


In fact, power is the operative word. I'll be supporting you as you address so called 'power leaks' and take your power back, cutting binding or blinding ties to people, places and circumstances that remain troublesome. 

This is important and valuable work. It's essential for your freedom.

This is not work that is done in one session. I offer a one month intensive that can bring a lot of clarity. For a deeper journey, I ask for a minimum commitment of three months.

My unique approach blends decades of spiritual practice with leading edge coaching tools and Feminine wisdom from pre patriarchal spiritual traditions.

Book your free of charge conversation
Relational Freedom

Despite your ideals, you’ve found yourself in relationships that seemed promising at the start but, at some point you realised…..‘It’s happening again..…’

Maybe the man became increasingly unavailable…. or increasingly controlling…. the longer you were together.

No doubt you were the one that took responsibility and tried to sort things out. After all, relationships take work,  right?  

Except, your strategy didn't work (again). Now, you are fed up with the emotional and financial toll.


If it's time to recover your energies, heal the past and clear old patterns that are past their 'use by' date, click here.

Act of Power

If you are in your 50's or 60's and healthy, it's likely that you don't feel old. Yet, in our youth obsessed culture, you may be starting to wonder if it's too late to start something new.

It can feel strange to be pondering the validity of a new contribution, when others around you may assume that you are winding down to retirement.

But, you have a lot to share. What would it be like to feel fully expressed and to be no one but you? What would it be like to 'come out' as you, the person underneath your roles, and share your wisdom?


If it's time to feel into your next calling, and revise your beliefs about ageing and contribution, let's speak about your Act of Power click here. 

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