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Embody the Fullness of Your Power & Sacred Role in the World


Hi. I'm Catherine, Wise Woman mentor and Feminine transformation expert.

It can take years for a woman to break through old patterns and achieve her creative potential as a full expression of Feminine power.


If this is your time for a breakthrough, a combination of spiritual mentoring and grounded, transformational  processes will give you the tools, clarity and practical support to reach your life, career and relational objectives.


I've been on my own journey of transformation and embodiment for many years and believe it is my life's purpose to be on this path, to seek out Feminine teachings and to share them with my students and clients. 

I'm here to offer you Feminine wisdom and spiritual sanity.  


Restore creativity, passion and power. Clarify your sacred role. Value your unique gifts and the beauty of your essence. Embody Feminine wisdom. 

I hope to meet you soon. Read the website, book a conversation or simply email me to learn more about how I can serve you.

Your Wise Woman's Journey


There used to be a time when Wise Women were revered for their sacred gifts and spiritual wisdom.


Today, society offers you a 'sticking plaster' solution - cosmetic procedures that buy you extra years of youth. Is this really enough to re-ignite enthusiasm for life, passion and joie de vivre, especially if doubts, subtle depression and disappointment have taken hold?

It takes courage to make a stand against the prevailing tide. But, the other option is denial. As a truth seeker and speaker, I simply won't do that. I'm blazing a new path for myself and I'm inviting you to join the ride.

It's time for women to make a stand for Feminine values, to heal their own personal versions of the Feminine Wound and step into the world as unique expressions of Feminine power, beauty and wisdom, at any age

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Your Invitation
My gift is to hold sacred space for women, where they feel seen, heard and honoured.
Do you feel, or have you felt, no one has ever seen, heard and honoured you?
Being seen, heard and honoured is your birthright. When you are seen, heard and honoured, anything is possible and you can achieve your potential.
If your innate divinity and magic got covered up and closed down when you were young, all is not lost.
Having a guide and mentor, now, who sees and honours your divinity and magic is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It's not too late.
Reclaim who you are in a safe and loving container with someone who has more than 30 years experience holding sacred space.
At 65, this has been my path and its my honour to support your empowerment and full expression of your unique gifts.

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