Wisdom suggests that the years post menopause (the Crone years) are the ones when a woman finally connects to the fullness of her power and possibility...

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Hi. I'm Catherine, transformational coach and spiritual mentor on a mission to mobilise a movement of wise women who are embracing the crone years as a time of powerful embodiment of Feminine values, truth, wisdom and beauty.



Finally Embody the Fullness of Your Power & Sacred Role in the World


Wisdom tells us that the years post menopause are a sacred gift when we become the one who holds the light and reminds others of the value within and the secrets of Life.


So let me ask you… What if aging was actually the best thing that ever happened to you? 


That may sound strange because sadly, the cultural messaging values youth and undervalues the mystical unfolding of life and death.


As a result, women after a certain age often feel invisible, invalidated and past their prime. Without any real role models, and with little support for their mental and physical wellbeing; instead of relishing the wise woman years and feeling proud and privileged to become the sacred elder, many cling to the past, look backwards and hope that cosmetic procedures will buy extra years of youth.

Is that really enough to re-ignite enthusiasm for life, passion and joie de vivre, especially if doubts and insecurities, apathy, deep grief and disappointment have taken hold?



Is this you?


You want to feel excited about the forthcoming years and have them truly be golden. After years of responsibility, this is your time of freedom! Your time to be lovingly expressed and a beacon of light for your family or community. You may feel a deep impulse as you move further on your life path to teach others and cultivate your passions.

If you tell yourself that you are 'too old' or 'it's too late' to either try something new, be who you’ve always wanted to be or re-visit desires that lay dormant, I am here to take a stand for you.

Let's be honest


It takes courage to make a stand against the prevailing tide. But, the other option is denial. As a truth seeker and speaker I simply won't do that. So, I am blazing a new path for myself and I'm inviting you to join the ride.

I remember the series of shocks, through my 20's, 30's and 40's, which gradually called me to a path that felt right and true for me. It's taken a long time but, I can now look back and see how each event informs my calling to this work - at this point in my life.

Back in my early 20's, I was pretty sure that I was destined to follow a straight line path to career success, finding the right husband, creating a nice home and taking wonderful holidays. Oh, the naiveté!

Instead, taking the Pill catalysed a chronic candida infection that took 4 years to resolve. A poorly chosen marriage lasted just two years. The following relationship, which lasted a decade, was volatile - verbally and emotionally abusive. I can hardly believe the number of times that I invalidated my own intuition and ended up in some type of detour or underworld. 

Surprisingly (when I look back), I was able to keep my head above water and gain promotions in my HR and management consulting career. 

By the age of 42, I was separated for the second time. This time as a single mother. As I​ licked my emotional and financial wounds, I resolved to live more simply, in harmony with nature, honouring my body, my desires and my intuition.

I believe that your wounds are the keys to your wise woman wisdom and purpose.

I'd be the last person to suggest that any detours or trips through the underworld you may have taken have been in error. But now, there is a new journey to take. One that is guided and supported as you alchemise the past and turn all that has felt like lead into gold.

It's time to mine the gifts of your wounds, bless your failures and mistakes and to forgive, starting with yourself.

Back in 1998, when I became a single mother, I had a lot of passion for truth, a lot of belief in new possibilities and a burning desire to create new foundations for myself and my daughter, based on Feminine values.

In my view patriarchy had it all wrong. My quest was focussed on understanding the natural laws of energy in the Universe, which I had originally encountered while studying ancient Taoist teachings on Yin and Yang. Now I wanted to learn more about the Feminine. 


Fast forward... I now have more than 20 years of experience on this path to share. (You can learn more about this journey on the About page.)

It seems to me that the Crone years are the time when women are most able to embody the Feminine in a powerful, uncompromising and non manipulative way. This type of wise woman is so needed to make a collective stand for a different way that serves the whole.

So, I'm calling you forward to join me in taking a journey to own your sacred Crone and create the life you want as a Wise Woman. Through my own healing journey, my study and my practice,  I've learned that this journey requires some letting go of stories and pain from the past, the healing of underlying relational wounds and the discovery of your eternal, timeless self.

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