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Cultural messaging over values youth and under values the mystical unfolding of life and death. But, what if ageing was actually the best thing to ever happen to you?

Deep in your heart, you probably know this to be true.


Hi. I'm Catherine, Feminine transformation expert.

My specialism is working with professional, women 45+ who, in the process of bringing their dreams to fruition, are addressing old established patterns that have limited them.

It can take years for a woman to break through her patriarchal conditioning and achieve her creative potential as a full expression of Feminine power.


If this is your time for a breakthrough, a combination of spiritual mentoring and grounded, transformational  processes will give you the tools, clarity and practical support to reach your life, career and relational objectives.


I've been on my own journey of transformation and embodiment for many years and believe it is my life's purpose to be on this path, to seek out Feminine teachings and to share them with my students and clients. 

I'm here to offer you Feminine wisdom and spiritual sanity.  


My deep understanding can help you achieve your potential as a fully expressed woman in this next phase of your life.

I hope to meet you soon. Please read the website or simply contact me to learn more about how I can serve you.

Remembering who you are

There used to be a time when Wise Women were revered for their sacred gifts and spiritual wisdom.
Today, society offers you a 'sticking plaster' solution - cosmetic procedures that buy you extra years of youth. Is this really enough to re-ignite enthusiasm for life, passion and joie de vivre, especially if doubts, subtle depression and disappointment have taken hold?
I don't think so!
Why would women who have been at the forefront of 'breaking the glass ceiling' and been proud of their achievements not continue to forge a new path through their Wise Woman years? (Other than feeling tired and burned out, of course)
I have come to believe that the new path for women is to continue to engage with a transformational journey that supports their unique expression of Feminine power, which requires feminine and masculine energies to be in right relationship.
This has always been an outcome of the Feminine spiritual pathways. And it's becoming more mainstream, although still leading edge.
It takes courage to make a stand against the prevailing tide. But, the other option is denial. As a truth seeker and speaker, I simply won't do that. I'm blazing a new path for myself and I'm inviting you to join the ride. Will you join me?

Gaining a Life PhD (what the journey looks like!)

The transition into the Wise Woman years can be a long one. It embraces menopause but, is not defined solely by physiological changes. This is a journey of the soul. It's a journey of deepening. It's likely to be a journey through many personal changes that may impact your professional choices: children growing up and leaving home, parents becoming elderly and dying and no doubt other experiences of grief and loss.

Your success as a Wise Woman will come from combining your professional skills with your Life PhD. And you didn't gain that on any straight line path to success! You gained that from the life that you've lived, which is probably very different from your youthful ideals and aspirations. 


Here's my story.


Back in my early 20's, I was pretty sure that I was destined to follow that straight line - to career success, to finding the right husband, to the lovely home and to taking wonderful holidays. Oh, the naiveté!

Instead, taking the Pill catalysed a chronic candida infection that took 4 years to resolve. A poorly chosen marriage lasted just two years. The following relationship, which lasted a decade, was volatile - verbally and emotionally abusive.


I can hardly believe the number of times that I invalidated my own intuitions and ended up in some type of detour or underworld. (Did you invalidate your inner voice too?)

Surprisingly (when I look back), I was able to keep my head above water and gain promotions in my HR and management consulting career - until I burned out at age 35 and left full time corporate life for self employment.  

Over the next few years, while unravelling on the inside, I attempted to maintain the status quo on the outside. But, by the age of 42 my old life strategies had fallen apart and my marriage broken down. I became a single mother. The three words that characterised my life at that time were: divorced, downsized and disillusioned.

Given my experiences, I'd be the last person to suggest that any detours or trips through the underworld you may have taken have been in error. But, I also know there's a point when it becomes clear that there is a new journey to take, one that is guided and supported as you alchemise the past and turn all that has felt like lead into gold.

As I​ licked my emotional and financial wounds, I resolved to live more simply, in harmony with nature, honouring my body, my desires and my intuition. I had a lot of passion for truth, a lot of belief in new possibilities and a burning desire to create new foundations for myself and my daughter, based on Feminine values.

Fast forward... I now have more than 20 years of experience on this path to share. (You can learn more about this journey on the About page.) And, as I look back at the series of shocks, through my 20's, 30's and 40's, I now see how each experience was important to my Life PhD.


You have a Life PhD too. So, why would it take your lifetime, so far, to earn it, if you weren't going to use it?

I'm calling you forward. It's time to cast off your shadowy shackles. Your options for working with me are given below. 


Join me in a journey of soulful support for your Wise Woman transition. I have precious Feminine teachings to share and can't wait to speak with you. Learn more about my journey and qualifications.

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